Electrovaya SC2100 reviewed

I just published a review of Electrovaya’s SC2100 at TabletPCBuzz.com. Check it out…






Speed up your FireFox Web browsing

I saw this great tip on speeding up the already fast FireFox was browser. Enjoy. Great tip, Vaporware!

Tablet PC Buzz.com – Forum

Made it to the playoffs!

Totally off-topic here, but I made it to the playoffs in 2 of my 3 fantasy football leagues. The one I was worried about the most was the TabletPCBuzz league. Several of us from TabletPCBuzz.com formed our own league.


Shooting for the championship!


Any of you play fantasy football? How did you do?

SpamBayes: Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.

This is the best anti-spam product I’ve used yet. Or the average, I get 50-60 spams a day. After some initial training, only 1-2 are getting through. Best of all, its’ free.

SpamBayes: Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.

Electrovaya Scribber SC2100

Electrovaya sent me the Scribber SC2100 Tablet PC to review. I’ll be writing a review on TabletPCBuzz.com in about a week. Very light and great battery! I’ll also have some great pictures.

Concept X7

I’m currently reviewing Concept X7 and hope to have a review on TabletPCBuzz.com in a couple of weeks. All I can say right now is that the application looks very promising.


Sprint and Nextel agree to merger – Engadget – www.engadget.com

The first Apple i-tablet

Penguins do fly!

Chad Essley Tablet PC Video

Great video by Chad Essley on animation and tablet pc’s.

Chad Essley – Alias

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