Apr 13

Changes for the Bushway Family


After sixteen years in Colorado Springs, our family will be returning to our roots and moving to Tupelo, Mississippi on June 3, 2013. I have accepted a new position with Hancock Fabrics to be their new Senior Web Developer. My last day as the Director of Information Technology for the NJCAA will be May 31.

In addition to being an excellent professional opportunity for me, this move will also allow us to be a little closer to our family, which is something we have missed through the years. That said, it is very difficult to leave the wonderful people at the NJCAA that I have worked with for the past twelve years. Even more difficult is leaving our church family at Village Seven Presbyterian Church. Through the years and many trials, God has knitted us tightly in to the fabric of the church. Leaving  will be very painful.

Thank you in advance for praying for our family as we prepare to move and make this transition. Also, if you know of someone looking for an awesome house, send them my way! It will be going on the market very shortly.


Sep 10

Tracking Those Blasted Tasks


Managing time and tasks while being mobile can be extremely difficult. Phone calls come in, emails get exchanged, commitments get made, and tasks have been worked on. As the brain begins to unwind on the way home, reality hits and the heart palpitations begin to go off: I just gave my life away and I have no idea who I gave it to and what I’m supposed to be doing.

How do you track these things while living mobile? It is a problem I’ve been working through for many years. I’m not sure I’ve completely solved it, but I’m making progress.

Here are some tools I use:

  • toodledo.com – it is a web-based service that collects to-do’s organized by folder. Tasks can be emailed in, they can be created using a browser-plugin, and they have an iPhone / iPad.
  • Pocket Informant – they have an iPhone and iPad app that integrates into the toodledo platform and Google’s calendar for a complete overview of your appointments and tasks.
  • Evernote.com – access to all your notes from wherever you are and on whatever mobile device you happen to be working on. They have apps for every platform out there: mac, pc, ipad, iphone, android, blackberry and web
  • Google’s Gmail / Google Apps for Domains – access to my email from wherever I am and from whatever device I’m working on

Here are some ways I use the above services:

  • email comes that I need to create a task for: I forward it on to my Toodledo email address and it creates a task using a date and folder name I specify in the subject line
  • I’m on the phone and need to create a task: I click a Toodledo Create Task button in my browser and I’m done
  • I need to record time spent on a task – I set it in the length field for the task in Toodledo
  • I’m on my iPad and need to access those same tasks: I open up PocketInformant, it syncs all my tasks, and there they are
  • I’m reading an email and I only need a portion of that email for task creation purposes: select the sentence, right click it and choose Toodleo This
  • I’m meeting with a client and using my iPad to append some notes to a client folder. I open up Evernote, access the client notebook and begin taking notes. I’m already online, so when I close the app, the note gets synced and is available to me to read my notebook when I get back to the office or from my phone if I find myself stuck in traffic.
  • Email comes in that I need to follow-up on later in the day or tomorrow: star it using gmail.
  • Email comes with attachments that I need to access later while offline – I forward it to my Evernote email address so I can access it through Evernote on whatever device, while either offline or online
  • Before the day gets going, I’ll review all my emails that are starred, follow-up and archive, or forward to my Toodledo email address to create a task.

What do you do, why do you do it, and how do you do it?

Aug 10

What To Do?


Staying on top of tasks is crucial to keeping work and family life separated. I’ve missed enough  important deadlines to know that making them up on a weekend is a sure-fire way to an unhappy home. The opposite is also true: if things are not being taken care of at home, your boss will not be drawing a smiley face on your next performance review. What to do?

I’d love to throw a technology solution at this one (and I will in a later article), but I’ve found in my own life that a majority of my task management problems is a result of pure laziness and a discontent spirit. I hate to admit it, but I end up causing most of my own problems by avoiding what needs to be done, doing what I want to do instead, and then paying the consequences later by pulling an all-weekender. The coolest MoleSkine and the greatest iPad ToDo app isn’t going to fix that problem. It’s time to find out what’s really going on.

If the above seems eerily familiar to you, ask yourself some of these questions that I’ve asked myself:

1) What desire am I trying to fulfill rather than do what I’ve committed to doing?

2) Why am I discontent with the work I’ve been given, only to seek satisfaction elsewhere? Is this evident in other areas of my life?

3) Am I viewing myself above the people I’ve been called to serve?

4) Have I over committed myself and am now in a state of paralysis?

5) If I have over committed myself, why did I do it? Am I seeking the approval of man or the “promise” of what money can buy? Am I living in fear of not being provided for?

When I’ve been honest with myself and gotten down to the root of those questions, I’ve found that my heart is sinful, ultimately desiring sugar-coated promises rather than enjoying what Christ has already given me.  Thankfully, I’ve found Grace and Forgiveness by seeking God with a heart desiring to destroy that rationalization to sin.

A good tool can certainly help wade through and manage the nastiest of project lists, but it’ll do nothing but gather dust if the ultimate problem lies within the heart.

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