Dec 11

Coming Home



After two weeks in Rochester, we are finally coming home on Friday, December 2.

Thankfully, all of the tests the Mayo Clinic doctors have run have ruled out a life-threatening illness . We are extremely thankful for that news! The best the doctors are able to determine at this moment is that the major issues Kathi had over the summer and fall seemed to originate from an allergic reaction that went systemic, then got worse due to rebound effects from an increasing dosage of steroids to treat the original problem. The steroid treatments then caused their own set of problems and nasty side-effects.

Because Kathi is still weaning from steroids, the doctors are not able to determine the foundational root issues. They want her to continue to wean off the steroids and see if the original problems return once the steroids are gone. If they do return, then we’ll do more testing at that time.

The plan right now is to get Kathi back to full health and recover from the past six months. Her health has generally improved the past two weeks, but she still has a long ways to go.

I can’t thank our friends enough for your prayers, caring, support, and encouragement these past months. We have been loved in some immense ways. We are not sure where these next months will take us, but we do know that the Lord loves us deeply and He has used His people to care for us. A special thank you to Kathi’s friends that have loved and cared for her these past few months, and to Anna Counts for loving and caring for our children while we have been away. Many of our friends have come alongside our kids while we’ve been gone and we are so thankful for you.

Rob and Kathi

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