Nov 11

A Daughter of the King


Over the past six months, my wife Kathi has been very ill.  Her doctors have a few clues as to the root problems, but they and we determined that she now needs to be seen by a team of specialists at the Mayo Clinic. We began that process over a month ago, and will be arriving in Rochester on Thursday, November 17th, for tests over the next four to seven business days.

This has been a very long six months for Kathi. She’s lost a lot of hair, weight, and has been on a boat-load of medicines to treat her symptoms. She is very tired and her body is weak.

Our church (Village Seven Presbyterian) and other friends have been amazing. Some of Kathi’s friends have been coming by every day for the past three to four weeks to sit with her, talk, read, and just serve us. Meals show up unexpectedly, as well as friends at midnight when an unexpected emergency found us in the ER. While Kathi and I are away, a dear soul is staying at our home and watching our children. My son’s principal and teachers seek him out to pray and encourage him. Friends dropped by this week to give us gift cards and money for our trip and expenses. Men email, call, and text me throughout the past weeks just to check on me. I dare say, I think we must be one of the most well-loved families around. Our church gets the Gospel. They live it out by loving others.

I’ll be posting here over the next five to ten days while we traverse the Mayo Clinic in hopes of finding Kathi some help. Please pray for wisdom as we navigate those waters and for the doctors and nurses we come into contact with. At this particular moment, my prayer for Kathi is that God heal her weak body – simply because she is a daughter of the King.

I’ll close with this thought from R.C. Sproul Jr.

“No place I’d rather be than beside my wife when she is frightened and in need. I suspect Jesus feels the same about His bride.”


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