Aug 11



It has been way too long since my last tech post, but there has been a lot happening in my personal and work life that has made following the mobile tech scene very difficult, and then posting articles about it even more difficult.

Back in April, when I started tech blogging again, I thought I 1) had the desire to throw myself back in to it, 2) had the energy, and 3) had the bandwidth. Over time, though, I found myself developing unhealthy habits that are necessary in following tech news, writing worthy material, and thus developing a loyal readership. I let it encroach on my family time, my work time, and start taking me away from the first things in my life.

It has been close to two months since I last posted a technology article. This time-gap was a blessing that God created, in that He allowed me to see where He wanted me to focus my time, my writing, and the passions He has called me to. During the last several months, I’ve done a lot of thinking and praying about what God would have me do with regards to technology writing, and I’ve decided to let it go in order to focus my energies in other areas. Technology will always excite me (I live in this world 8 – 5), but I no longer desire to follow it daily, write about it, offer up reviews, and put in the personal time that readers expect and deserve.

Going forward, the writing you will see on RobBushway.com will mostly be about stuff going on in my personal life – the kind of writing that was here before: stuff about my walk with Christ, essays, my struggles, my family, grace, and the gospel. If that stuff interests you, then stick around. If it doesn’t, then I still invite you to stick around. I can’t promise an article every day or even every week, but when I have something stirring within my heart that needs to get out, I’ll be working it out here.

I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to dip my toe back in the tech writing arena for the past four months. A special thank you to Steve Seto who has been doing some great guest-posting the past several months.

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