Jun 11

Motion Computing CL900 vs Fujitsu Q550 – Which One Would You Purchase?


John, a reader, is asking a great question that I thought I would throw out to rest of the readers:

I’m guessing there are others who may also be considering the Motion CL900 or the Fujitsu Q550. Do you think that may be the case? The issue is, the CL900 I might purchase costs in the range of $1225.00 and the Q550 costs about $850.00, a difference of about $375.00. So, what to do?

The two units are in many ways very similar tablet pcs. Both are: 10.1″, capacitive touch and active pen-based N-trig digitizers, 62 gb SSD, 2gb ram, Atom z670 processor, 8 hour battery life, both rugged spec at MIL-STD-810G, etc. However there are some differences.

Here was my response

John – the main differences I can tell are:

1) CL900 has a pen silo for the pen
2) CL900 has gorilla glass
3) Q550 has removable battery
4) Q550 has programmable application hardware buttons
5) Q550 is $375 less

Update: Mark, a reader, correctly pointed out that both tablets are rugged as they both meet the same MIL-STD-810G spec. Similarity noted above and list corrected.

With some other minor differences here and there, in most other areas, they are equal tablets.  Given the above and my own needs, I would likely opt for the Q550, save the money, gain application hardware buttons, as well as a removable battery.

How would you advise John? What other differences should John consider that I didn’t note above? Which one would you purchase?


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