Jun 11

Motion Computing CL900 Handwriting Demo (Video)


Lots of questions floating around about how the Motion Computing CL900 handles touch and handwriting at the same time.

Overall, I have to say that I’m fairly impressed with the CL900 and N-trig’s latest digitizer.  My experience is much better than on the HP Slate 500. As demoed in the video, I rarely experience stray ink, but will occasionally register false touches while writing. In addition, the pen-on-screen noise is quieter than the Slate 500, but not quite as good as Wacom-based tablets.  Overall, I’d say the noise is still distracting. I shot an email over to N-trig’s Gary Baum, asking him the difference between the two units. According to Baum, the Slate 500 uses 3rd generation hardware, whereas the CL900 uses 3.5 generation hardware. The palm rejection technology in the CL900 has more memory and computing power, thus providing a better handwriting experience. This is mostly due to the time difference in the tablets being brought to market.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating handwriting on the CL900. My apologies in advance for the screen flicker. Filming  a computer screen is very difficult :-)


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