Jun 11

At First Glance, I’m Excited About Windows 8


A couple of days ago, Rob threw down the gaunlet, and it looks like Microsoft might… just might… be rising to the challenge!

Still in development, but looking promising! (Illustration credit: Engadget)

As expected, President of Windows Steven Sinofsky briefly introduced the new OS during his presentation at the D9 Conference. Setting aside the hardware aspects for now, the developmental user interface looked very promising, with a strong flavor of Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI and its tile-based presentation. Rather than repeat the particulars, check out the coverage at Engadget and watch the accompanying video:



Like Rob, I’ve been waiting for the Windows Team to break out of the existing Windows keyboard-and-mouse mentality and provide us with a fresh user experience. It certainly looks like we’re finally headed in that direction. Two questions still linger in my mind, though:

To what extent will inking and the pen be embraced by this new UI? And…

Will the Office developers FINALLY fall in line and create a complementary version of Office that will truly exploit the advantages of the pen and touch?

What do you think?

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