May 11

Note-taking With a Tablet PC vs Regular Paper


I’ve been using tablet pcs from the very beginning for handwritten notes. Journal was my first go-to note-taking app, then Franklin Covey’s TabletPlanner, Agilix’s GoBinder, then finally OneNote. I don’t even bother taking handwritten notes in Evernote.

Even with my love of taking handwritten notes using a tablet pc, there are many times I still find myself taking notes using a paper-based notepad. In fact, I carry several notepads with me everywhere I go. There are many reasons:

1) With my tablet pc in front of me, I found it more useful to have a notepad ready to quickly jot down a note or scratch through a to-do

2) A paper-based notepad is easier and quicker to notate on at the last minute

3) I can picture the location of a particular note much easier than say it being located in a section within OneNote.

4) I love interacting with physical objects like real books and real notepads from time to time. I love the depth and touch.

5) I like how unobtrusive a real pen and real paper can be. They are quiet, don’t have glossy screens, and help keep the information-overload noise down.

So, my questions to everyone are: 1) Do you find yourself in similar situations – using a tablet pc and real paper? 2) What has to happen to the hardware and software tablet pc experience to improve upon the above use cases where ink note-taking would be my default rather than my secondary choice? 3) Does a tablet pc need to be my primary handwritten note-taking device, or can an intermediary solution like LiveScribe which would seamlessly sync to my notebook solve the problem?

Leave your thoughts below.

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