May 11

Device Bridging and the Future


Pat Moorhead, of AMD, has an excellent write-up on the future of device bridging and the potential impact it has on the utilizing multiple devices. He’s currently analyzing the RIM PlayBook, which gets bridged to a BlackBerry phone for email, calendar, and other data tethering – without incurring additional data connection fees. For those who are locked in to a BES implementation, the setup is ideal. But what about other implementations in the future?

When I walk into my home office in the future, I’d like to press one button on my smartphone and display what’s on its multiple screens on my multiple large monitors. Imagine five Honeycomb screens lighting up my five 17″ monitors. I’d also like to bridge to my large workstation to leverage its terabytes of storage and printers without having to go through the router or be mired in network, WAN,DLNA or PnP hell. I understand that it is possible to connect many of these peripherals today, but setup and reliability is lacking.

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