Apr 11

My Return To Tech Blogging


Except for a few pieces here and there, I’ve been quite silent these past few years with regards to mobile tech, tablets and all the other things that tend to excite the inner-geek in all of us. Most of that has been out of necessity, which I’m pleased to say has calmed down over the past several months. Things will continue be somewhat unpredictable in our family – but that is the life God has given us and we are learning to live with “normal” being continually redefined. Trust me, it is wonderfully sanctifying.

What I’ve discovered over the past few years is that I still have a lot to say about the state of mobile tech and I miss having a public outlet to work that through with readers who care about the same stuff I do. Even though I’ve been pretty silent in my tech writing, I’ve been following the mobile tech scene quite closely these past few years. I still spend more time on Twitter and TechMeme than I should, and I’m continually looking at tech and its’ impact on how we work every day. That has always been a major interest of mine, and with my new role as the Director of Information Technology at the NJCAA, I have a vested interest in making sure the people I serve are using the best tools for their role. I want to work that out with you, the reader – analyzing mobile tech as it really should be looked at: tools that help us work and live better.

All that to say,  I’m pleased to announce that I’m returning to the world of tech blogging and you can follow it all right here on RobBushway.com. What can you expect from me? Analysis of new and current mobile tech and its’ impact on businesses, solving real-world business problems with mobile software and appropriate platforms, workers and their personal tech impacting business strategy, the cloud and how that practically works out for businesses, thoughts on Microsoft / Tablet PCs and ink, thoughts on the rest of the world and tablets, and maybe even a review here and there. In general, it will mostly be editorial, asking hard questions, offering up potential solutions, and a few other things I’m still kicking around. I’ll leave the news coverage to the good folks at GottaBeMobile.com – nobody does that better than Xavier, Warner and their awesome team. You won’t be getting 15 – 20 articles from me a day and this won’t be the spot to find the latest breaking news story. What you will find is a thorough analysis of mobile tech, software, tablet pcs, and tablets with an emphasis on business use-cases.

For those who follow RobBushway.com for personal family news, I’ll still post some of that here. However, most of my non-tech writing will be on CultivatingIt.com. That’s the place I work through grace, the gospel and cultivating a life that is pleasing to God.

With that, here’s a quick gander at the tech I’m using to do my day to day work and some stuff I’ve been working on:

  • I’m currently working on a Dell Latitude XT2.
  • I just ordered a Lenovo X220T Tablet PC running Windows 7 64 bit – I’m thoroughly excited and check my shipping status at least twice a day. That should put the first bullet into perspective.
  • I’ve got an 11″ MacBook Air that I use every day, an iPad I read on and a Xoom that I absolutely love.
  • I’m using an iPhone and a Droid Pro. My Droid Pro is my mobile hot spot.
  • I workout using my iPod Nano strapped to my wrist using a TikTok watch band
  • DropBox is my file syncing choice to get access to all of my documents across all of my platforms
  • Evernote continues to be my go-to note-taking solution, although OneNote is starting to make a strong comeback for me.
  • I’m programming a cloud solution for a customer using Windows Azure and SQL Azure – pretty cool stuff.
  • I just finished an iPad app project called FormConnect for FormConnections, a company with a deep history in Tablet PC computing.
  • I’m still programming mobile solutions for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.
  • And let’s dare not forget about bags – I’m still using an SFBags.com Muzetto and a TomBihn.com Buzz – my two all-time favorites.

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