Jul 09

Thoughts On Writing a Book


A frequent comment I hear from friends is “you should write a book.” Most people making that comment are friends from church, family, and other friends I’d made through the years. Although the comments are made in earnest and mean a great deal to me personally, I’ve typically thanked them for the comment and tucked it away to ponder about later.

That said, I believe God has put a desire in my heart to minister to people through words, either through this blog or other means. I don’t pretend to think that I’m the next great undiscovered writer, but I do enjoy putting words to paper in a transparent and authentic manner. My previous thoughts on writing a book have been to pull together various pieces I’ve compiled over the years and bring it to book form: an essay here, a poem there, a short devotional piece, etc. However, the more I’ve worked through that effort and thought about it, the more I believe that wouldn’t be a good idea. The things I’ve shared in email and on this blog have been meaningful to those who know me, Maggie, our family, and others within our church. I don’t desire to write a book that just rehashes everything and presents it in a new form.

When I think of putting some thoughts to paper in order to bring something fresh to those who know our family and affect a larger audience, my desire is to build upon what the Lord has already been doing in my writing, but to present it in a fresh, honest, transparent, and engaging way. Most of the things I’ve done thus far have been devotional pieces, poems, and other interpretive pieces about what God happens to be showing me that day. My desire is to glorify Him through my words, ultimately drawing a people to Himself in an authentic way. If He desires to do that through a book in order to reach more people, then that is great. If he desires to do that solely through this blog, then that is a great, too. I’m at a point of sorting that out.

I covet your prayers as I pray and work through the various forms that my writing will take, and sort through the purpose of what I believe God desires to communicate through me: fiction, non-fiction, a novel, a personal narrative, a collection of short works / devotionals, a mix of all of the above, strictly focusing on the blog, a book, etc.

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