Sep 08

Quiet Time At Home

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Things are quiet at home today.

Maggie is doing much better since getting off the Felbamate. The huge flare ups of the rash, itching, and breathing problems have gone away since removing that seizure med. She’s spending a lot of time in her room. Ashley Hosey has been spending a lot of quiet time with Maggie, too.

On Monday, we meet with some home health folks to get Maggie lined up with a walker and, possibly, a wheel chair. She’s having a lot of trouble maintaining her balance, needing help walking and going up / down the stairs in our home. In-home therapy starts in force next week, too.

By Friday, I hope to take the three girls to the annual Father-Daughter lock-in. We’ll only be able to be there for a few hours, but it will be good for our girls to be able to go and enjoy being around a bunch of other girls.

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