Sep 08

It's Groundhog Day……


So, we are sitting at the St. Louis Airport enjoying a pastry and some coffee, about to board our plane. However, our trip home was almost not to be….

We spent all of last night and most of the early morning in the Children’s Hospital emergency room due to a bladder issue Maggie was having, from a complication with her surgery earlier that day. She was about 30 minutes away from getting readmitted to the hospital when she finally urinated for the first time all day. Had she not urinated at that time, they were going to readmit Maggie to the hospital and likely not be released for a couple more days. You could have cut the air in that emergency room with a knife.

We finally got back to the hotel room about 3:30 am, finished packing, hit the pillow at 4:00 am, and were woke up to a fire alarm in the hotel at 6:00 am ordering everyone out of the hotel. Of course, it ended up being a false alarm.

Kathi and I looked at each other, called for cab, and made a bee-line for the airport. We are now sitting at gate A21, pumping caffeine into our veins, and looking at each other with blank stares.

Come Lord Jesus……

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